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The Alabaster Jar Or Three Hundred Denarii: The Kind Of Sacrifices That Please God

The Easter season is upon us, the time we Christians commemorate the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ. In the run up to Easter Sunday, for several denominations, it is a time of prayer and fasting. Many use this season to reflect on their relationship with God and renew their dedication to Him. This time therefore involves all sorts of personal sacrifices as believers rededicate themselves. If done for the right reasons and with a genuine heart, God is pleased…

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Thanksgiving – Looking Beyond The Festivity

In a fast-paced world filled with challenges and distractions, cultivating an attitude of gratitude through thanksgiving is crucial in our daily lives, especially for believers. Thanksgiving is not a seasonal ritual, it should be a consistent practice that enriches our spiritual journey and deepens our connection with God. Giving thanks is a powerful reminder of God’s abundant blessings. When we pause to reflect on the goodness in our lives, we acknowledge God’s providence and grace. Scripture encourages us to “Give…

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